1. The candidates are requested to learn the Greek alphabet at the time of their notice for initiation.

2. They are to meet at a definite hour and pre-designated members will quiz them on the Greek alphabet and the meaning of the six terms below in 5, (b).

3. The pledgees are seated in a group on the left of the room, while the membership is seated parallel on the right. In the front of the room is a table with three candles arranged around a large copy of the Key. The Charter shall be at their left behind the table, the President in the center and the Secretary-Treasurer (secretary and treasurer) on their right. The latter shall have copies of bulletins, the membership certificates, other literature available and the keys when ordered for the initiation.

4. After seating the candidates, the President gives a brief history of the organization.

5. The meaning of the Key is given by the President.

(a)   The benzene ring.

(b) The letters BKX.

(1) The clover leaf above B represents Botany
(2) The Skull and Cross Bones above K represents Anatomy
(3) The Circle above X represents Astronomy
(4) The Retort below B represents Chemistry
(5) The Balance below K represents Physics
(6) The Scroll and Stencils below X represents Mathematics

(c)   The Key is a symbol of high scholarship, scientific achievement and accurate research, and can be worn only by members of this Society.

(d) The letters BKX stand for the following motto of the organization:


6. Activation of Pledgees by the President:

(a) The chapters of Beta Kappa Chi are being created in answer to a need for an organized association of this kind to stimulate and encourage undergraduate and graduate education in the allied fields of science; also to inspire and support the continued pursuit of knowledge and achievement, and the capture of scientific truths during the entire career of each member.

(b) To foster and maintain worthy ideals and ambitions, to bring together in closer fellowship and association men of kindred spirit and compatible minds, similar background and common interest. To promote closer contacts and exchange of ideas between those possessing congenial qualities of cultural growth. To establish assurance that the young and old; intellects that are matured and maturing; men of today, and those who will be men of tomorrow, shall progress and walk together in units harmony, dignity, and mutual respect; without just fault in the eyes of a critical world. To the end that these things may come to pass, the following pledge is exacted from each and all.

7. The administration of the oath follows, by the Vice-President (en masse) to the pledgees who stand:

I, John Doe, do hereby pledge my allegiance to Beta Kappa Chi. I shall always strive for personal proficiency, intellectual integrity, and honorable achievement.

I promise to work for the advancement of science, to search for scientific truth, to aid in the dissemination of classified knowledge, and to support loyally the scientific principles represented in the organized objectives of Beta Kappa Chi. I PLEDGE MY FAITH AND FEALTY.

8. The Vice-President will then say, "Our objectives are

(a)   To stimulate and promote interest in-scientific education and research

(b) To assist in the inspiration, encouragement, and guidance of undergraduate training in all fields of science;

(c)   To dedicate a reasonable portion of our time to graduate study for greater efficiency and better service in the scientific field in which I am engaged;

(d) To live in accordance with the high qualifications of mind and character required by the standards of Beta Kappa Chi.

9. The candidates file past the Vice-President and the President who shake their hands and offer congratulations, and on to the Secretary-Treasurer (or secretary and treasurer) who does likewise, issues the materials, and, obtains their signatures (for records in case of ordering keys, etc., later), and then on to the members of the organization who in turn offer congratulations.

10. The Secretary-Treasurer gives a short lecture on the organization of the chapter and its activities. The new members are given an opportunity to ask questions of officers and old members.

11. Adjournment:

The initiation might be followed by a banquet and a prepared contribution from a member of the chapter.


The official colors of the Society are golden yellow and royal blue.